How to Train For the Zombie Apocalpyse

So you want to train for the zombie apocalypse?

Well let me just tell you right off the bat a new pair of Nikes or Air Jordan’s aren’t going to help you. You aren’t playing a game of basketball here, what you’re doing is ducking, dodging and maybe even a bit of diving.

If you aren’t in good shape already, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news and tell you that you are officially screwed. You’ll probably be bitten and end up walking around looking for brains to eat. 

So today I want to discuss some of the best ways to train for a potential zombie uprising. The first thing that comes to mind is probably endurance. You might think if you run a shitload of miles every day you’ll be able to save yourself. Sure, it makes sense until you ask yourself : where are you running to?

Good question. Nowhere.

Training like an endurance athlete probably isn’t a great idea, instead you need to think of zombie athletic training like a parkour athlete. Parkour is that awesome sport where people run around buildings and structures like spiderman. If you have seen the videos (which I’ll include in this post) you can see them basically navigating any obstacle with ease and grace.

This is the best form of training for zombie running (notice I didn’t say fighting). Being able to actively dodge and evade all incoming zombies like you’re playing a Wii game is exactly what you want.

But, Marc what about killing?

Good question. For this you’ll want to train your Type 2 Muscle Fibers – AKA endurance muscles. I’m not talking about running, I’m referring to muscular endurance.  Being able to swing a hammer 50 times without getting tired is an example of muscular endurance.  Even running up and down stairs is an example. Any zombie weapon requires endurance.

If you are unsure of what it is, think of the most uncomfortable exercises you can do. That burn that you hate. That’s muscular endurance.

Here are a couple of great exercises to build it:

1. Burps

2. Animal Walks (these are awesome)

3. Sledgehammer swings.

4. Kettlebells

5. Sandbag training

6. Throwing children up in the air and catching them (without dropping them)

These are all forms of endurance training that work your muscles in ways that you aren’t used to.

So in conclusion there are two kinds of endurance you want to survive. Number one is mobility and agility which you can get from training something like parkour. Next, you want muscular endurance which you can get from mixing some resistance training and endurance exercises.

That’s it. That’s all. Happy hunting and stay safe.

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