Cheap Ways to Filter Water So You Don’t Have to Drink Your Own Urine

So rumor has it that lots of you zombie apocalypse survivors have been drinking your own urine.  Let me first tell you as I have a lot of experience with this, there are some much better options. Check these out:

Cheap Ways to Filter Water

Whether you’re preparing for the end of the world as we know it, a zombie apocalypse or you just don’t have access to clean water, it’s always practical to know how to filter your water. Also, getting clean water doesn’t have to bust your budget.

Ceramic Filters

All you need is some sawdust, clay and a plastic bucket to create with effective water filter. It can filter out the dirt and microbes that can cause multiple kinds of diseases. Following the classic design, mix sawdust and clay, shape it and fire into a kiln. The sawdust will get burnt and will leave some pores on the ceramic and this will serve as the filter.  

Bone Char Filtration

Some filters can’t remove toxins and heavy metals from the water, in this case you will need charred and crushed animal bones. Water may contain arsenic and uranium and these are just a few of what charred animal bones can remove from water. Arsenic can cause cancer of the skin, kidney, bladder, and lungs, gangrene and maybe even high blood pressure, diabetes and reproductive disorders. Uranium, on the other hand, can cause nephritis which is a kidney inflammation.

Solar Sterilization

The cheapest way to treat water is by solar sterilization which is the process of leaving a plastic bottle full of water under the sunlight. By leaving clear water bottles under the heat of the sun for a long period of time, the heat and UV radiation kills the microbes that can potentially cause diarrhea and other disease found in water.  The amount of solar exposure it requires to effectively eliminate microbes depends on the amount of sunlight available. More sun exposure might be needed if it’s not a very sunny day.

Homemade Water Filter

This one is only for emergencies and only good for a small amount of water. It’s a simple filter you can create with only household items. Cut the bottom of the bottle, fill it with layers of gravel, fine sand, coarse and some charcoal and there you have your homemade water filter. Add a coffee filter near the opening  to avoid getting some sand and other fine articles to your filtered water.

Bicycle-powered Filter

The Japanese company Nippon Basic Co. Came up with this ingenious idea of modifying bicycles and give them a water filtering mechanism. The Cyclo Clean is a bicycle with an attached pump that can take water from a well or a river, and purify it using a three-filter system.  It can filter three tons of water in 10 hours. Another water filter is the tricycle called Aqueduct which looks like a smaller Cyclo. It can filter 2 gallons of  while the rider pedals. Cyclo can filter more water but Aqueduct is more portable.


The is probably the most obvious water treatment and it is also highly reliable. Not only does it filter out the microbes, it also prevents the water from getting contaminated again even long after it was added.

There you have it, no need to drink your own piss. Let me know which one of these methods you have tried (urine one included). If you want a quick solution just get a survival kit.


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