Perserved Foods That Don’t Taste Like Dried Donkey Ass

First off let me say that I by no means look down on eating dried donkey ass. As a matter a fact I am very cultured and am open to eating and trying foods from any culture.  But if you don’t have a zombie apocalypse survival kit or zombie weapons then preserved foods are vital for surviving the first 72 hours.

There are many ways to preserve food and the best methods also depends on the type of food. If you’re prepping for survival, it is best to know about food preservation and the causes of food deterioration. The main causes are the microbes and enzymes. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you won’t know until when the outbreak will last so you have to stock up on foods that will last long. A technique on how to easily and steadily build a zombie survival food stash is to always get an extra or a couple more. Get a couple more of anything you buy in the grocery each time you go and store those extra two in the pantry or in a separate cupboard. Always keep in mind what lasts longer and don’t buy any extra perishables. Eventually, your stash will grow and you will be ready in case of a zombie outbreak.

Dried Foods

Dried fruits, vegetables, beans, rice, and other dried grains should be on your priority list when it comes to your survival stash. Drying or dehydrating foods is excellent because not only will it make the food last longer, it will also remove water which is responsible for most of the food’s weight especially in fruits and vegetables. When moisture is eliminated, the enzymes and microbes cannot thrive thus the food won’t spoil easily. It is also one of the easiest and cheapest ways to store food in the long term.

Canned Goods

Before the foods are placed in cans, they undergo complete sterilization first which gets rid of all the microbes. The enzymes are also destroyed because of the high temperatures they go through in the canning process. Properly canned goods are placed in air-tight cans and other containers such as jars and sealed completely. Canned goods last for up to two years so it is best to consume these within that time period. They can be anything from fruits, vegetables, meat, and beans. Canned goods should be abundant on your zombie survival shelf because they’re very cheap, easily found in grocery stores, and convenient to eat because most canned foods can be eaten straight out of the can. You may use plastic containers if you plan to do it yourself because if you ever have to leave your house, it is heavy to bring them wherever you might go.

Frozen Foods

Freezing is easy to do and it retains most of the nutritional value of the food. The only problem is when the electricity goes off and you don’t have a generator. Still, if you run out of fuel, the frozen foods will eventually thaw and they will become susceptible to microbes. Frozen foods are the ones you consume first and you must keep in mind that freezing shouldn’t be your primary choice in food preservation. Meat, poultry products, and food containing dairy are the ones that easily spoil. But if you have a generator, then go ahead because frozen foods are healthier and provide you with more nutrients than many dried or canned goods.

That’s it. I’m sure there are about 500 other foods that would be helpful and if you know them, great, drop a comment below and let me know what foods you keep your pantry stocked up with.




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