Zombie Apocalypse Survival Clothing That Makes You Look Like a Badass

Alright first off, yes that’s me looking like a total badass with a bunch of sweet zombie killing gear. Once you have recovered from the shock of how good looking and equipped for survival I am we can continue on with this post.  You can’t just wear any old shit to survive. You’re going to need high quality gear that is at least military grade.

Here are just a couple of things that will get your ready:

The Best Apocalypse Survival Clothes

When the dead rise from their graves, it’s survival of the (out)fittest. When you’re butchering zombies, you want to be protected and safe from getting infected. The best kind of survival clothes are those that can protect you like an armor and still make you look awesome like something straight out of a movie. Your zombie apocalypse survival clothes should also be highly functional and durable. In a zombie outbreak, sometimes the only thing that can save you from getting infected are your clothes. They’re the only ones between you and the flesh-eating undead so it’s better to invest in them.

A Great Pair of Steel Toe High Boots

In the event of a zombie attack, it is best to have a pair of high quality boots and a steel toe pair is almost like a requirement. A steel safety toe ensures that no matter what you hit with your boots while you’re running or rummaging around, it won’t hurt you. It is best to protect your feet because it is the one with the most contact with the ground and there are many sharp objects and small obstacles like stone that could potentially stub your toe or worse, wound your foot. You need to be able to run during an apocalypse so you better take care of your feet.

Protect Your Hands with Gloves

We use our hands in just about anything. It is also very vulnerable to getting bitten or infected because blood can easily enter through the cuticles and open wounds. That’s a why a protective glove is a must. Some gloves in the market come with hard shell plates that protects the back of your hide. These hard shell plates will also come in useful when you have to punch the undead in the face. If you got the money for it, get the Kevlar-reinforced gloves for that added extra layer of impenetrable protection.

The Classic Leather Jacket

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone because not only will it protect you from the elements, it will also keep those zombie mouths away from your flesh. They will have a hard time gnawing and rasping through real leather. A leather jacket is also one of the most fashionable pieces of clothing so it will go well with anything. Add a layer of Kevlar and you also got yourself protected from stray bullets or in case one of the zombies decided a gun would be fun to play with.

Good Old Cargo Pants

There’s a specific one made by Drifire with flame-resistant treatment, knee pads and antibacterial odor control. It’s the perfect cargo pants for survival. In a zombie apocalypse, it is likely that the world has turned into chaos so it’s always better to make sure your pants won’t burn down in case you have to run through fire for your life. Knee pads can resist impact and the antibacterial feature is perfect for the long term. I mean, who got time for laundry when the world is falling apart and infested by flesh-eating zombies? Another great thing about cargo pants are the huge, convenient pockets. The more you can carry in your person, the better.

Got anything else? Maybe a necklace of zombie bones that you wear around your neck?

Drop me a comment and let me know.


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